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Nathaniel M. Stanton SE


CRAFT | Engineering Studio

350 Albany St., Ste. 15D

New York, NY  10280

(646) 912-9867


Mr. Stanton is the Principal and Founder of Craft Engineering Studio, a creative structural engineering consulting firm located in New York City.  He is a licensed structural engineer as well as an architect in the state of Michigan with 20 years of experience in the design of structures that challenge convention.  Mr. Stanton holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Structural Engineering as well as work towards a PhD in the combination of these fields within the framework of digital form development.  Mr. Stanton received his education at the University of Michigan, the Swiss Federal Technological Institute (ETH) in Zurich and the University of New Hampshire.

Mr. Stanton’s passion is the pursuit of architecture through the medium of structural engineering.  His career has focused on a collaborative design process that leads to more synergistic design solutions, working with architects, artists and fabricators as clients.  In addition to practice, Mr. Stanton has developed and taught courses at the University of Michigan, the Pratt Institute and the Product Architecture Lab at the Stevens Institute of Technology.  These courses focus on the intersection of architecture and engineering and break down the ideological barriers between them.